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Crosscall launches first rugged tablet

Mobile technology maker Crosscall has released a new rugged tablet, which holds an Android Enterprise Recommendation and a 3 year warranty.



Crosscall, a mobile technology maker specialising in outdoors and durability, has released a new range of devices, consisting of 3 smartphones and – for the first time – a tablet. In another surprising move, the company is offering a 3-year warranty on its military grade tech.

The mobile phone sector is often singled out for criticism, particularly in the area of programmed obsolescence. Crosscall says it‘s going in the opposite direction of this trend by offering phones that are meant to last, backing its promise with a 3-year warranty.

“For us, this step represents the first of many in a project that consists of moving away from consumer-oriented telephony to telephony based on user needs and sustainability,” says Cyril Vidal, founder and president of Crosscall. “Our brand is based on the idea that a phone is made to meet the needs of its users, to fit their lifestyle and to last, no matter what environment it is exposed to. Putting the user at the centre of our products’ design and committing to their durability is where the true innovation lies.”

Julien Furiot, Sales Director for Crosscall South Africa says: “We are incredibly proud to unveil our latest suite of devices for the savvy South African consumer who enjoys convenience and values durability. Every device also comes with a first-ever 3 year warranty, which is the result of 10 years of research and development work. With durable smartphones there is less obviously breakage meaning companies no longer have to renew or replace their mobile fleet so regularly and this means lower total cost of ownership over the long term.”   

The new Core range was designed primarily for professionals and thought out according to the specific uses of the various vertical business lines.

Core-T4, the first tablet on the market to be certified AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) by Google

The Core-T4 is the first Crosscall tablet, and sets the bar high for Crosscall’s tablet range. Its AER certification allows professionals from corporate sectors to use this device in a managed office space.

With its 8-inch screen, Qualcomm 450 processor, and 3/32 GB memory, it can be used with one hand. It has 2 SIM slots to connect anywhere in 4G+, allowing users to switch data connections as needed. The Wi-Fi and 4G+ connectivity options allow the user to be responsive from almost anywhere. To seal the deal, Core-T4 comes with a 7000 mAh battery, enough to easily withstand a day of continuous use of emails, YouTube or web browsing.

This tablet’s features are also great in another segment: education. The Core-T4 is tablet that can be managed remotely and withstand the knocks and drops a child can put it through

Recommended retail price: R10 999

Core-X4, the top of the range

Also AER certified, the Core-X4 has been designed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM 450 processor for snappy performance and efficient battery usage. Its 18:9 format has been designed to allow a user to access the entire screen with their thumb. Having undergone no less than 100 resistance tests, the Core-X4 withstands all types of shocks and immersions, whether it is falling in mud or a container that spills into a kitchen. The Wet Touch and Glove Touch functions, which are useful in professional outdoor environments, are equally useful in everyday life, when it rains, when your hands are wet or when you wear gloves. 

It’s equipped with a high quality 48MP photo / video sensor, using Fusion 4 technology which allows the pixels to be coupled 4 by 4 (12 MP resolution), absorbing 4 times more light, for sharp and intense photos in low light. Thanks to its 2 programmable buttons, the user can assign a push-to-talk application to use their smartphone as a walkie-talkie. Isolated workers can also secure themselves in their activity by configuring the second button on an isolated worker protection solution.

The Core-X4’s ultra versatility allows you to switch from professional to personal mode, thanks to its triple card drawer that holds 2 SIM cards and a micro SD card.

Recommended retail price: R9 499 (available) 

Core-M4, designed for essential functions

The Core-M4 features a 5-inch 18:9 screen, which is smaller and lighter than the other smartphones in the range. Its size makes it suitable for one handed use. It houses a Qualcomm 215 processor and 2/16GB of memory, and runs on Android 9. Like the flagship, it has dual SIM functionality.

Specially adapted for corporate fleets, it meets the requirements imposed by the Android for Work program (which includes zero touch, compatibility with the main Enterprise Mobile Management players, and security patch updates). 

It has a Push-to-Talk application turning the mobile into a walkie-talkie. Its second programmable key can be configured to the function of your choice, which can range from sending an SOS, to opening an application.

Recommended retail price: R6 699 (available from August 2020)

Core-M4 GO, the essentials for simplified use

Equipped with the lightweight Android Go, the Core-M4 Go creates a more affordable platform for the rugged phone. It comes in the same format as the Core-M4, it comes with the same camera (12MP) and a 3000 mAh battery. 

Recommended retail price: R5 399 (available from September 2020)