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Cool and Shiny the new Sony Ericsson Z610i

The Sony Ericsson Z610i is the latest model from the manufacturer, its hip, its trendy, its cool and its very, very shiny!

Yes, the Z610i has the standard Sony Ericsson’s operating system, which, and I will take no argument is fantastic, it’s fast, intuitive and has all the tools you will actually use and none of those little extras that look cool on the brochure and you never end up using. But now don’t get us wrong this phone is packet with gizmos such as Sony Ericsson’s ‚Play Now‚Ñ¢‚ application with which you can download games, ringtones, videos and full track music onto your Z610i, which is also a 3G mobile so that means that downloading these games etc. is incredibly fast. Despite the phone competing with complete fashion phones it is more than just a pretty face, the calendar has all of the functions of a business phone and there are many other rather business like features such as the code memo, with this application you can securely store all of your passwords and pin code numbers under one master code.

Put simply, yes! This phone does not only look cool but is great in almost every other aspect: the sound quality is more than adequate, the camera is neat, well hidden under the shiny plastic and takes pretty good pictures too. It is a bit disappointing that despite its high quality materials it does not feel as solid or as well built as for example the Motorola KRZR.

The Z610i is targeted at other fashion p

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