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Connectivity for Xmas

Incredible Connection is expecting consumers to focus their Christmas spending on technologies that will support their personal eco-system of connectivity.

‚”The days of buying standalone devices that each perform a different and independent function are over,‚” says Incredible Connection CEO, Marco van Niekerk. ‚”Consumers run complex technology system sets or ecosystems that communicate and support each other. It is all about being connected and having access to information‚”.

Prompted for an example he explains: ‚”Communicating with family or friends is now as easy as switching on your television. With the emergence of smart TV we saw a migration of consumers understanding and wanting home networks that include access and sharing between and through multiple devices. They want to communicate via voice calls or emails and they now use mobile devices, personal computers and even television. Movies are for example now rented / bought and downloaded directly from the net and viewed on any mobile device or smart TV. Private libraries are now stored virtually in the cloud and accessed by authorised devices from anywhere in the world, creating a very fluid, comfortable and safe environment‚”.

‚”One of the major barriers to this virtual world has been the access to affordable connectivity and the set-up or creation of your home eco system. Our technicians are prompted and ready to help our customers this festive season to gain access to these offers at a very reasonable rate. We have even tried to bundle product with connectivity and installation offers to make sure that our message reaches our customers we want to help you get connected‚”.

‚”We’ve always been the leader in consumer technology and we therefore understand the customers’ needs better than anyone, but the main reason we can help customers better is because our staff take time to listen. We invest heavily in the recruitment and training of our sales staff all aimed at improving the retail experience of our customers. We can most certainly sell consumers a computer or a digital camera at a good price but we are about more than that, we are about offering solutions‚”.

One of the major differentiators of Incredible Connection remains their national footprint which has now surpassed 70. Customers now how the benefit of buying online or instore and getting after sales service or support from any one of the 70 stores located nationally.


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