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Completely Remastered – The New iPods

The next generation of Apple iPod’s are out, and we have them for review.

The simple answer is no. You can’t just take your iPod or iPod Nano right out of the box and start listening to music. However to get music onto your iPod is rather easy. You must first have iTunes, Apple’s music, video, movie, and iPod sync software. The software comes with your new IPod or can be downloaded from the Apple web site. You then need to rip your CD’s onto iTunes. After you have spent some time doing that, just click the sync button and there we are, an IPod full of music.

Both iPods are very simple and intuitive. The only thing you have to get used to, if you are a fist time iPod user, is the touch and click navigation pad. As for iTunes it is a wonderfully simple piece of software, you can create Video (only on the iPod) and music playlists, download podcasts* and listen to the radio all with one program. However to get Movies onto iTunes, for transfer to your iPod could be a bit of a challenge as the iTunes Store, where you can download Music, Movies, Audio Books and TV Shows, is not yet available in South Africa.

Taking into account the features, street cred and the competition the simple conclusion is yes, the iPod and iPod Nano are worth the money. The sound quality on the iPod is fantastic, but for some odd reason the sound is not nearly as good on the iPod Nano. The Nano sound a little flat and dull especially after listening to the Ipod. Picture quality on the iPod is fantastic, and you can easily watch the latest season of “Grey’s Anatomy”” on it with relative ease. The iPod Nano ‚s screen is good enough for viewing pictures and album artwork which is what its intended for. The battery life on the iPod is very good, so you would be able to watch that whole season of Grey’s only having to recharge once and you could listen to music for just over half a day. The iPod Nano however takes the cake for battery life, you can listen to music non-stop for a whole 24 Hours before it runs out of juice! Aesthetically both the iPod and the iPod Nano are top class, the iPod comes in two colours, black and white while the iPod Nano which is encased in anodized aluminium, comes in a variety of colours.

The new iPod’s are very impressive with excellent sound quality, and amazing video (only on the iPod) and slick ergonomics, they are definitely the digital media players to have. You may now ask “”Which one should I get?”” You know the iPod is for you when: 1. You have a massive music collection 2. You Travel 3. You’re compulsive and notice subtle differences in audio quality. 4. You don’t plan on exercising with it. You know you need an iPod Nano when: 1. You go to gym. 2. You don’t like to carry anything larger than a pack of cards in your pocket 3. You don’t plan on watching movies anywhere else then at the movies or on TV. If you get mixed answers then the answer is simple, Get both!

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