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Cloud storage from SA startup

Motillion has announced the global launch of Snapdisk, a secure cloud storage and file sharing service for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Snapdisk was conceptualised by the South African technology startup and developed in conjunction with their strategic international partners.

Snapdisk offers its users a hassle-free solution to securely access, edit, synchronise and share all your digital files wherever you are, whenever you want. ‚External USB devices are a great way to quickly back up important data but it is no longer the most secure method to keep your data safe‚ says Shaun Adler, co-founder of Motillion. ‚Theft and hardware damage is a real risk when you keep your data backed up at home or the office, a problem that is eliminated when storing your data securely online.‚

Snapdisk was developed to make online back up and sync as easy as possible to use. Whether you want to run a digitally efficient business or simply keep your personal files safe and accessible, there is a package for you. ‚We wanted to develop a cloud storage service that is much easier to use than anything else currently available online and offer it at a much better price point‚ adds Adler.

With Snapdisk you can back up, sync and share your digital files from any internet-enabled device including your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Enjoy unlimited access to your work files, music, photos and videos. Add, edit or delete files from any of your devices and Snapdisk will automatically sync your files to the cloud. 100% safe. 100% secure. Always accessible. Packages and Pricing

Backup offers 500GB of cloud storage space and provides an easy solution to backup your files automatically. Simply choose the folders you want backed up and select the Backup Mode. You can choose real-time or scheduled backups. Pricing: Free for the first year, then $6.95 monthly*

Sync offers 500GB of cloud storage space but is designed to give you easy access to your files from any PC or Mac. By creating a new drive on your computer, you can use your cloud storage just like any USB storage device. Simply drag and drop your files or save your content directly to it. Pricing: $8.95 per month for a 500GB Sync Account*

Pro combines both Backup and Sync, offering you a combined storage capacity of 1TB. Pricing: $12.95 per month for a 1TB Pro Account*

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