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CES: Now garbage can evade landfills

The mission of Clear Drop’s home appliances for compacting and collecting garbage is 100% processing of all home refuse.

At CES in Las Vegas this week, the first line of production-ready home appliances to streamline how we process our waste, soft plastics, and organic trash is on display.

The Clear Drop SPC (Soft Plastic Compactor) and Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector) from One Clear Drop are designed to clean-up the environment, processing 100% of home refuse without leaving anything for the landfill.

Affordably priced and geared to the home user, each Clear Drop unit addresses one specific type of recycling, making it as effective as possible to stop polluting with destructive soft plastics and garbage organic waste.

There are 6.3-billion tons of soft plastics left in the world to collect, and global waste management companies agree that a solution must be provided to recycle as much soft plastic as possible without polluting the world further.

The first product in the new line is the Clear Drop SPC (Soft Plastic Compactor), a patent-pending simple home pre-recycling system. The SPC solves the problem that waste management plants have been battling for years: trying to unclog processing plants that constantly get stuck with loose plastic wrappers, bags, and packaging. Before Clear Drop, flying soft plastics were hard to collect and costly to transport for consumers, who simply didn’t know what to do with them.

Users place all soft plastics -bags, baggies, wrappers, packaging – into the Clear Drop SPC, where plastics are automatically compacted and sealed utilising the melting properties of the plastic itself. The “brick” of compacted soft plastic can be added to your recycling bin (as allowed locally) or dropped off at a recycling facility, where it is easily disassembled by the facility’s grinding equipment and then utilised in the regular plastic recycling process.

There is no need to perform a complicated separation process and much less cleaning/washing is required. Clear Drop SPC doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the environment and is time-efficient and low-cost for consumers.

The second product in the new line is the new Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector), which allows valuable organic material to be optimised to replenish environmental resources. The automatic process compacts and seals organics without releasing harmful substances. The OC takes any organic refuse for no more under-sink garbage disposal problems. It stores organics for up to seven days without unpleasant smells, with infrequent removals of around once a week without smelly liquids draining from the garbage recycling during transport.

“Currently, only a fraction of what we consume is recycled, mostly due to the physical properties of plastic and organic materials and complicated sorting,” said Ivan Arbouzov, CEO of One Clear Drop. “Plastics are poison for the planet, difficult to separate, transport, and hold in one place. Everyone has probably heard about the staggering numbers of unrecycled plastics and food waste, contributing to 11% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Households – all of us together – constitute the majority of this garbage pollution. With our Zero Trash initiative, Clear Drop is working to solve this problem, providing 100% processing of all home refuse without leaving anything for the landfill.”

Clear Drop Features, as provided by One Clear Drop:

Clear Drop SPC (Soft Plastic Compactor):
o Takes all soft plastics.
o Very easy to use.
o Automatically compacts and seals all collected material.
o Infrequent need for removals.
o No more wondering where to dispose of plastics.
o Effective for transporting and recycling.

Clear Drop OC (Organics Collector):
o Takes any organic refuse — no more under-sink garbage disposal problems.
o Stores organics for up to seven days without unpleasant smells.
o Easy to use and emotionally rewarding.
o Infrequent removals (once a week).
o No more wondering where to dispose organics.
o Effective for transporting, no more smelly liquids draining from the garbage recycling transport.
o Very low power usage.
o Removes 50% of humidity in stored organics.

Both Clear Drop models are available for pre-order, priced at $295 and shipping by July 2023. For more information, see

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