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CES 2021: AI steps into 3D foot scanning



Albert 2 integrates Harman eNova’s AI-powered voice assistant platform to create the Albert 2 Voice Assistant. With a wake word of “Hey Albert,” customers and retailers can ask Albert any question about their arch type, possible foot condition, orthotic recommendations, and more. Using the Aetrex Cloud platform and an AI model specifically trained on foot science vocabulary, the speech recognition platform instantly provides a response in the form of a video, audio or text with conversational-style replies.

eNova’s voice assistant platform helps make the Albert 2 user experience more connected, convenient, touchless, contextual and personalized. Powered with natural language understanding (NLU) and high-quality speech synthesis, eNova features advanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) capabilities with very high precision – currently used in digital banking solutions and virtual cruise ship assistants.

“The retail industry is becoming highly personalized and increasingly focused on user experience,” says David Owens, GM & SVP, DTS, Harman. “Aetrex leverages Harman’s eNova AI-powered voice assistant to develop an interactive, touchless, and conversational experience for their next-generation Albert foot scanning technology, keeping consumers informed and entertained, while enhancing the shopping experience.”

Albert 2 also features Aetrex’s proprietary software, such as FitHQ – a section within the Albert software that uses AI to ensure the right fit on the first try. Creating a truly omnichannel experience, the program can be synced with retailers’ point-of-sale or e-commerce systems to help store associates recommend the best Aetrex Orthotics or best fitting shoes by brand, style and size per customer, based on their foot scan.

To learn more about the technology behind Albert 2, visit Aetrex’s virtual booth at CES from 11-14 January or go to

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