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CES: Vuzix adds voice to glass

A new version of smart glasses launched at CES this week in competition with Google Glass, the M100, has added voice recognition to gesture recognition technology and 1080p video recording.

Vuzix has announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week that the new version of its M100 smart glasses will now incorporate voice recognition powered by Nuance Communications.

The Vuzix M100 smart glasses are a flexible Android-based wearable display platform that runs a growing number of industry specific software applications. Nuance’s voice technology gives the user a powerful and intuitive way to engage the M100 smart glasses, while increasing safety and task efficiencies in the workplace.

Nuance’s embedded voice technology runs directly on the M100 smart glasses so there is no data connection required. The M100 smart glasses also incorporate noise-cancelling technology that allows users to speak simple commands to control and navigate the M100 menu system.

For instance, the user can say:

‚”Vuzix is focused on delivering powerful wearable technologies to the industrial, medical and prosumer markets,‚” said Paul Travers, CEO, Vuzix Corp. ‚”By integrating Nuance’s voice technology into our M100 platform, we’ve given our customers even greater flexibility in the way they can use our smart glasses to solve issues that challenge their business. And because a user can speak naturally, integrating smart glass technology into our customers’ business processes is more intuitive and simply faster, saving both time and money.‚”

The Nuance voice technology will available in the Vuzix M100 2.0 OS release.


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