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CES: Razer smartband takes public choice award

The Razer Nabu SmartBand has been selected as ‚”People’s Choice‚” of CES after an open public vote, while the company also took a Best of Show prize in the PC category.

Razer, a manufacturer of entertainment devices and software, took top honours at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the third consecutive year with its modular PC concept Project Christine and the wearable Razer Nabu smartband.

Project Christine earned ‚”Best PC‚” distinctions from Engadget, the official awards partner at CES. Concurrently, the Razer Nabu was selected as Engadget’s ‚”People’s Choice‚” by way of an open public vote. This is the third year in a row that Razer walked away with a ‚”Best of CES‚” win, including ‚”People’s Voice‚” in 2012, and ‚”Best of Show,‚” ‚”Best Gaming‚” and ‚”People’s Voice‚” in 2013.

‚”Razer is not just a gaming company we are a company that designs products for gamers,‚” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. ‚”Our continued success at CES really speaks to the gaming lifestyle as a global phenomenon. We’re just a start-up, but our worldwide community of gamers and what we do for them positions us shoulder-to-shoulder‚Äîalbeit uniquely‚Äîwith the largest tech companies in the world.‚”

Selected by Engadget’s editorial team, Project Christine is a revolutionary new PC concept design. It will allow a user to build and customize a computer without advanced technical knowledge a PC for everyone. As new upgrades come to the market, the PC can be easily and quickly upgraded without assistance or the fear of incompatibility or obsolescence. Project Christine’s modular design allows users to select and install modules on-the-fly, whether it’s a CPU, GPU, or memory and storage configuration, all in a liquid-cooled environment. The result is an ultimately modular, upgradable and powerfully silent computer that can run on any operating platform.

Engadget’s People’s Choice of CES was awarded to Razer for its Nabu smartband, a product in an entirely new category for the company, built on an open platform that delivers smartphone notifications, collects physical data and communicates with other users’ bands, all from one’s wrist. The Nabu tracks fitness data, location, sleep data, and biometric information (such as distance travelled and stairs climbed), all on an opt-in basis. Additionally, the Razer Nabu incorporates a social component, offering band-to-band active and passive communication, so users can find nearby friends, mutual acquaintances and more.

The Razer Nabu won the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award, the Tom’s Guide Readers’ Choice Award, and the Digital Trend’s Best of CES in the Sports and Fitness category. Project Christine won Tom’s Hardware’s Best of CES in the Outside the Box category, and PCWorld and TechHive’s Best of CES Award in the Best Prototype category.

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