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CES: New device beats sinus

Remedies for sinus pain are usually deeply invasive. But a new gadget makes it easier than brushing teeth.



The device received two awards at CES 2019: Best of CES from Gear Diary and Top Picks of CES from Techlicious. 

Ernst said: “We are honoured that ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief received [these awards] and proud to be included among so many innovative companies at CES.”

“There were a number of CES attendees suffering from allergies who administered a full treatment,” said Subinoy Das, CEO of the US Institute for Advanced Sinus Care and Research. “As a clinician, I was pleased to see immediate results in improving breathing and relieving their sinus pain in just five minutes.”

ClearUP is intended for adults only, 18+ years of age, and can be used whenever needed, up to four times a day. Each treatment session takes five minutes. ClearUP is reusable and rechargeable, and can be used at work, home or while traveling. ClearUP will be available by mid-2019 and priced at $149. 

Click here for details of the device features.


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