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CES: Now for Smart Water

How do we fully digitise and perfect the drinking water experience? AT CES 2019 in Las Vegas this week, Zero Mass Water released a new sensor that lets users know the quality of water and helps optimise it. A new addition to its Source sensor suite, called Source Informed (SI), adds real-time water-quality knowledge and automated optimisation features to Source Hydropanels.

Announced last year, the Hydropanels create drinking water directly from air and sunlight – no electrical input, pipes, or public utility infrastructure required. The result of nearly two years of in-house development, the new SI sensor is designed to work in combination with Source’s built-in ozonation and mineralisation systems. Its integrated systems automatically optimise water quality and communicate with the Source smartphone app.

Zero Mass Water says its focus is on providing off-grid, independent access to perfect drinking water.

“We set out to eliminate water stress and to perfect drinking water. We created Source Hydropanels so anyone on earth can create their own water,” said Zero Mass Water CEO Dr. Cody Friesen. “But that is only the beginning of truly optimizing drinking water. With SI, we’ve now digitised the water experience, giving all users direct knowledge of the water they consume.”

Click here to see how the Zero Mass Water works.

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