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CES 2021: Transparent OLED displays future lifestyle

High-definition, yet see-through? That’s the promise of new TV technology to be showcased by LG during next week’s virtual CES event.



LG Display will showcase three new Transparent OLED screen applications at the upcoming virtual CES 2021.

It is the first time this century the annual Consumer Electronics Show won’t be staged physically in Las Vegas — and also the first time in several years that LG won’t be wowing visitors with the physical experience of its display technology.

In recent years, its walls of TV monitors have been among the highlights of CES. It hopes to make up for this by providing a virtual experience of its new transparent OLED displays, applying it to objects and situations that people encounter daily. In this way, says LG, it will be presenting “an upgraded lifestyle of the future”.

The scenarios in which Transparent OLED will be showcased are:

  • A Smart Bed, to be showcased in a Smart Home Zone at the company’s online showroom, featuring a frame that can be moved to the foot of a bed of the user’s choice. At the push of a button, the Smart Bed’s 55-inch Transparent OLED display rises from its frame to show information or TV content in various screen ratios, without compromising clear image quality that does not rely on backlights. With immersive Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) embedded in the frame, there is also no need to clutter bedroom space with external speakers. The Smart Bed display’s movable frame can also be taken to various locations in a house to serve the diverse needs of users.
  • A Restaurant Zone, where a sushi bar can utilise a 55-inch Transparent OLED display to deliver information with clear image quality while maintaining a connection between people on both sides of the screen. As guests wait for their order, they can watch a movie or TV show, while at the same time viewing the chef preparing food on the other side of the display. This product can not only act as a partition but also serve up some fun.
  • A subway train in a Metro Zone. While on board a virtual train carriage, passengers may look outside through the transparent display that has replaced a traditional window. Its high transparency enabled by OLED means passengers can still watch the passing scenery while viewing clear information, such as subway line maps, weather information, and other news.

“Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the advantages of OLED and can be used in various places in our daily lives, from stores, shopping malls, and architectural interiors, to autonomous vehicles, subway trains, and aircraft,” says Jong-sun Park, senior vice president and head of the commercial business unit at LG Display. “It will grow into a next-generation display that can change the existing display paradigm.”

The company’s Transparent OLED promises 40% transparency, “providing clear image quality while being crystal clear like glass compared to the existing transparent LCD with only 10% transparency”. It can be used in various fields, such as smart homes, smart buildings, and mobility, including autonomous vehicles, aircraft, and subways.