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CES 2021: iSyncWave uses AI to test brain disorders

The device aims to make brain-health monitoring easier for individuals and doctors.

iMediSync, an AI-driven biotech startup, will showcase a groundbreaking EEG (electroencephalogram) brain mapping and LED-therapeutic device, iSyncWave, at CES 2021.

iSyncWave is a gel-free, portable EEG brain mapping device with LED photo-biomodulators. The device is especially designed for the early detection and supportive care of neuro-psychiatric disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, TBI, PTSD, ADHD, depression, etc. iSyncWave will help neuropsychiatric patients to treat their illnesses at both clinics and homes. It will also allow for individuals to facilitate regular checkups to prevent degenerative neurological disorders.

iSyncWave works with iSyncMe — a mobile application that connects to iMediSync’s cloud platform, iSyncBrain, the AI-driven EEG analysis platform for precision mental care. iSyncMe also works as a telemedicine platform connecting the user to online doctors or mental care specialists.

iMediSync has completed a basic framework for their virtual care platform by adding iSyncWave and iSyncMe to their product line. An easy and time-saving EEG brain mapping and LED therapy device can be used not only in clinics but also at homes by individuals. This will enable healthcare providers to monitor their patients remotely, providing constant care that can be delivered at home.

“iSyncWave was created to provide an integrated service for both healthcare providers and individuals who want to understand their brain health with our comprehensive EEG analysis solution,” says SeungWan Kang MD Ph.D, founder and CEO of iMediSync. “At CES 2021, we look forward to meeting strategic partners who will pioneer the global market with iMediSync.”

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