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CES 2016: AR body expands augmented enterprise area

At CES currently underway in Las Vegas, the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) that since its inception in 2015, it has added eight new members which represent the three segments of the enterprise Augmented Reality ecosystem.

These are:

User of Enterprise Augmented Reality

Huawei Technologies

Providers of AR-enabling technologies and services

3D Studio Blomberg, AREA member profile

Contextere, AREA member profile

FuelFX, AREA member profile

XMReality, AREA member profile

Non-commercial entities

Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) with Boeing, AREA member profile

Georgia Institute of Technology RA’pro

“We joined the AREA to collaborate with other members of the Augmented Reality ecosystem embarking on projects similar to ours at Huawei,” said Rhonda Truitt, Global Director, Technical Communication Innovation and Best Practices, Huawei Technologies. “The AREA is the only place where all parts of the AR ecosystem share best practices, gain efficiencies and learn about the latest enterprise AR technologies.”

“As part of the AMRC with Boeing’s Factory 2050, we are developing innovative ways to visualize and interact with the vast array of data available to user,” said Chris Freeman, Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly, Integrated Manufacturing Group AMRC. “As an AREA member, the AMRC accesses a network of expertise that shares our values, enabling us to stay informed and at the forefront of this exciting technology.”

“The AREA brings all the right discussion partners, potential customers and development projects to our fingertips,” said Pontus Blomberg, CEO and founder of Finnish member organization 3D Studio Blomberg. “With AREA, enterprise Augmented Reality will change and enhance the way we work and form the basis for an exciting new technology era.”

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