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CES 2012: Solar cover for Kindle

SolarFocus Technology will introduce the SolarKindle – the world’s first solar powered e-reader cover at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The first product in SolarFocus’ new solar gadget line, SolarKindle features a unique eco-friendly design with a flexible, lightweight high performance solar panel built right into the cover and a dual-charging (USB/solar) reserve battery that extends reading time — with a guarantee of three-months of unplugged Kindle use under normal sunlight environment. In addition, the built-in LED reading lamp can be powered continuously for up to 50 hours without using the Kindle’s main battery for the best illumination and coverage, allowing you to use your Kindle comfortably as long as you wish — day or night, indoors or outdoors.

Makes Unplugged E-Reading Come True

The first practical solar gadget that makes unplugged e-reading come true, SolarKindle is designed with the utmost attention to detail with premium leather offering protection and functionality. SolarKindle’s renewable solar energy panel and integrated reserve battery provide superior lighting and extended reading time, especially useful when conventional power sources are not available, such as while traveling, camping, or away from home or office — the perfect solution for readers on the go. SolarKindle’s custom-designed solar panel and integrated solar charging circuitry deliver high charging efficiency, making the best use of the clean, green, and renewable energy of the sun.

SolarKindle Features:

‚For the past six years, SolarFocus has been dedicated to developing the most technologically advanced portable solar powered solutions for consumers,‚ said Dick Lu, Executive Vice President at SolarFocus. ‚From starting the company in a brand new and undeveloped market, to establishing the SolarFocus brand of outdoor solar powered products, we are very happy to see our SolarKindle Lighted Cover receive such honorable recognition from the International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards. We will continuously improve the price/performance ratio of our solar powered solutions on even more consumer electronic products to reduce carbon emissions.‚

SolarKindle Lighted Cover will be available Jan. 15, 2012, priced at $79.99 from and other retailers.


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