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Cell C halves data price



Cell C has more than halved the prices of some of its most popular data packages in a promotion introduced yesterday and set to run until the end of July.

Set to run until 31 July, the promotion will include price cuts on two postpaid packages and one prepaid package.

“Affordable data is critical to the development of an economy, and is a powerful education enabler. Today’s world demands a data platform with affordable rates, so we have constructed a set of data tariffs which we hope will meet the needs of South Africans on our HSPA+ data network using the superior 900MHz band,” says Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig.

For prepaid customers, Cell C is offering its 24GB SIM-only package (2GB x 12 months) for R1 299 once-off, down from R1 999. Those looking to include a speedstick with a maximum theoretical capability of 21.6Mbps (“21.6Mbps speedstick”) on the same package will pay R1 999 once-off, down from R2 999.

Postpaid customers will have a choice of a 500MB SIM-only package for R49 per month (10c per MB), down from R109 per month, or including a speedstick with a maximum theoretical capability of 7.2Mbps (“7.2Mbps speedstick”) for a total of R69 per month. The popular 2GB SIM-only postpaid offering will now cost R99 per month (5c per MB), down from R279 per month, or R119 per month with a 7.2Mbps speedstick included.

Existing business rules apply to all data packages with an out-of-bundle rate of 39c/MB. Customers can use data as and when they want without fear of speeds being throttled or usage limited to certain times of the day.  (Effective data speeds remain a factor of concurrent utilisation.)

“We promised better data prices, and this is our first shot at offering the consumer a much better deal.” says Knott-Craig.

Table of promotional pricing (prices include VAT):

Standard rate
OOB rate
500MB SIM only
R109 p/m
R49 p/m
500MB + 7.2Mbps speedstick
R129 p/m
R69 p/m
2GB SIM only
R279 p/m
R99 p/m
2GB + 7.2Mbps speedstick
R299 p/m
R119 p/m
*promotional postpaid offers are all on 24 month contracts only
Standard rate
OOB rate
24GB SIM only
R1 999 once-off
R1 299 once-off
24GB + 21.6Mbps speedstick
R2 999 once-off
R1 999 once-off