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Bye bye dying batteries

It’s the bane of every gamer’s life ‚ your remote’s battery dies towards the end of a major fight, that if you win, will see you progress to the next level. However, with the Exspect Xbox Play and Charge Kit, available from Phoenix Software the above mentioned scenario could be a thing of the past.

Any console gamer can identify with the frustration of being in the middle of a battle or a quest and having the controller batteries die. With the Exspect Xbox Play and Charge Kit from Phoenix Software, downtime is no longer an option. This kit, fully compatible with the official Xbox 360 controller, will ensure your gaming can continue as long as you want it to by allowing you to play and charge at the same time. The kit includes a rechargeable battery and the charging cable, and comes in black to match the Elite console and controllers.

For Wii players who are tired of having to dock their remotes in order to charge them, there is now a Drop ‚ Charge Kit that includes a Pad and one Wii remote battery, allowing users to fully charge their remotes without removing the silicone skin / Wii MotionPlus or having to dock the device. The pad holds up to two separate batteries which can be charged simultaneously or separately. The Drop ‚ Charge unit is powered with a USB cable via the console or via an AC charger: both are provided with the kit.

Wii fanatics will also love the Wii Motion 15 in 1 pack. This pack includes 15 accessories to enhance the Wii experience, and is fully compatible with the Wii MotionPlus adaptor. However, it can also be used without the adaptor, ensuring gamers are getting the best from their games. Also included in the pack are protective skins, wristbands and battery grips, as well as attachments for a wide selection of Wii games. The accessories are fully Wii Motion compatible, including the wheel and the gun, and offer controller and nunchuk protection.

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