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Bigger is sometimes better

SEAN BACHER takes a look at Nintendo’s newest portable gaming platform ‚ the Nintendo DSi XL.

Ever since Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy that hit the shelves in the late 80’s, the company has seemed to be in the forefront of mobile gaming. Since the Game Boy, it has released consoles such as the Game Boy Pocket, the Advanced SP, the Micro, the DSi and now the DSi XL.

In case you are wondering, the XL stands for extra large, and under normal circumstances that could only be a bad thing, especially when it comes to a device that is designed to be carried around with you everyday.

However, with the extra large version of the DSi Nintendo claims that the two 4,2 inch screens are 93% bigger than its predecessor’s. Furthermore, the bigger size means that the company could include a much bigger, more comfortable stylus with the unit, meaning that you won’t have cramped hands after hours of stylus game play. The company also claims that the screens now offer a much wider viewing angle allowing it easier to watch and join in the fun.

The unit is available in two colours, wine red and dark brown. However, the shell is covered with a shiny, gloss sheen, which basically means you will be spending more time trying to clean the finger prints off the unit than actually playing games. Knowing Nintendo though, we will probably be spoiled for colours and protective covers in a few months though.

The system is really easy to navigate, with its touch screen and four-way joystick we have seen on endless game controllers. It comes standard with Dr Kawashima’s Little Bit of Brain Training: Arts edition and Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function as well as a Nintendo DSi Browser. Thanks to Nintendo’s DSiWare software, you can easily download new software and games to the device. Just make sure you are in an area with WiFi coverage.

Thanks to the inclusion of the SD card slot on the side of the device, you can now also carry your music, pictures and videos with you, making the system a great companion for any journey. The built in camera also lets you take pictures on the fly, which can be saved straight to the unit or shared wirelessly with your friends or via FaceBook.

The Nintendo DSi XL will be available in stores by the end of this month.

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