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Build a (3D) creature

Sculpteo has partnered with Autodesk for the launch of the iPad app 123D Creature, which enables you to create and print 3D characters.

Making 3D creatures come to life Creating original characters with Autodesk 123D Creature starts with a simple skeleton creator where users lay out the basic anatomy of their creature in digital clay. Multi-Touch gestures allow users to thicken, stretch and sculpt their creature with many of the tools familiar to users of the popular 123D Sculpt App. Once finished sculpting and shaping, a creature can be airbrushed or adorned with textures imported from the user’s iPad photo library. To show off a finished creation, users can bring the creature into the render room where they can customize lighting and shadows, apply filters, and import background photos to generate amazing images to share with their friends. ‚’Click to print’ with the Sculpteo 3D printing Cloud Engine People can easily order a 3D print of their creature from the 123D Creatures app that will be mailed directly to their door because the app is fully integrated into the Sculpteo service. Sculpteo are pioneers of the ‚’mass-customisation’ revolution and this is an example of how 3D printing enables bespoke objects to be created and printed according to demand. Users of the 123D Creatures app can change the size of their creature and have it printed in different materials. Sculpteo’s factory houses a large range of the latest 3D printers which can print over 45 different materials, some of which will be available to users of 123D Creatures.

Cl√©ment Moreau, CEO Sculpteo: ‚”The 123D Creature app is a great example of how the Sculpteo 3D printing Cloud Engine is being integrated into new innovative apps and software. We are able to make the latest 3D printing technology available to people via this creative app simply by integrating a Sculpteo button which enables people to transform their 3D designs into real objects.‚” Samir Hanna, Vice President of Consumer Products at Autodesk: ‚”Now, for the first time, 123D Creature makes it easy for anyone to create a sophisticated creature on an iPad, and then have a 3D printed object delivered to their doorstep with a few swipes of their finger. With the 123D family, we strive to put powerful 3D technology into the hands of anyone who wants to be creative, and we look forward to seeing the creatures people will create and share with the community.‚” Availability: The Autodesk 123D Creature App is available exclusively from the App Store on iPad or at The app will be priced at $7.99, but offered at a special launch pricing of $1.99 for a limited time period.

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