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Boost your sound with iFrogz

Gammatek has introduced the iFrogz Boost Nearfield Audio speaker, a small portable unit which amps up the volume of most external speaker devices, including mobile phones and MP3 players without any wires.

Using it is incredibly easy: simply put your device on top of the Boost – with the external speakers playing – and it will amplify the sound. And it just works: no wires, no Bluetooth and no synching. Also, an auxiliary line-in jack is provided for devices without external speakers.

The Boost, which fits in the palm of your hand, has no hidden microphone: it utilises the patent pending NearFA technology that syncs with the audio signal inside your device before pumping it out to the two high-quality (2Watt x 2RMS (Root Mean Square) speakers.

The iFrogz Boost Nearfield audio speaker provides up to 15 hours of playtime when powered by three AA batteries or it can be powered using Micro USB (cord sold separately). When on battery power, it can remain in standby mode for up to six months.

‚”The iFrogz Boost is incredibly simply to use, it incorporates a soft touch-coated black box and literally requires users to press the power button, place their device on top of the unit and walah, great sounding music. It is really a great innovation from iFrogz,‚” comments Zev Cherniak at Gammatek.

Retail Values

The iFrogz Boost Nearfield audio speaker is available at all major retail and cellular stores and retails for R499.

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