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Beyblade toys fused with Nintendo Wii and DS platforms

Konami Digital Entertainment has revealed it will be bundling exclusive, collectable Beyblade toys with its Wii and Nintendo DS versions of BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion.
BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion is based on the brand new TV show of the same name from Nelvana and d-rights Inc., and features a new cast of characters taking on the continued battle between good and evil. Gingka, the hero, and his group of loyal friends rally against a dangerous group called the Dark Nebula. The series follows a group of competitors who vie to be the best at Beyblading, enhancing their Beyblades, and engaging in a series of thrilling adventures. The TV show will make its debut across Europe shortly, with announcements to follow.

HUDSON SOFT has developed bespoke Wii and Nintendo DS versions, and Konami has announced that each will come bundled with a special Beyblade toy from Hasbro. The Wii game will include a Counter Leone Beyblade, while the Nintendo DS version will house a Cyber Pegasus Beyblade. Both are exclusive with the video games and are not available anywhere else.

The BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion games arrive following an agreement between HUDSON SOFT and Corus Entertainment Inc.’s Nelvana Enterprises to develop and distribute video games based on the new boys’ action TV series. The two games are being developed by HUDSON SOFT in Japan, and will feature gameplay elements perfectly targeted at the host hardware.

The Wii version of BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion features a complete game-specific story featuring original characters from the show. Players find themselves in the midst of a disappearance of the world’s most powerful Beybladers and duly sucked into a giant fortress, where they must battle robot bladers and discover the mystery behind the abduction.

BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion boasts a challenging four-player ‘Battle Mode’ competition, wherein players face off against three other human or AI controlled enemies, or play co-operatively with allies. By using the Wii Remote, players can save and carry any blades they have created to friends’ houses for competition. With customizable stadiums, players can choose from a variety of terrains and shapes for battle and use special attacks and winning strategies to emerge victorious.

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