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Sail away in
Besiege expansion

In the ‘The Splintered Sea’, the physics-based building game takes a dive into an aquatic environment.

Besiege gives players the creative freedom to build mechanical machines, and then control them to complete levels. In the upcoming expansion The Splintered Sea, the game will introduce new challenges in an oceanic environment.

In this expansion, players will battle through a 10-level campaign that features new block types, bringing chaos to the high seas. With physics core to Besiege, players will need to adhere to the principles of hydrodynamics to explore new builds capable of above-water combat, and undersea exploration.

One can test their creations in the new sandbox, putting engineering skills to the test on water courses across a vast archipelago, or ancient ruins. With the addition of eight new aquatic blocks, players can now spread destruction across land, and sea.

The expansion features multiplayer, like the main game.

The Splintered Sea expansion will release on 24 May 2024. An expansion bundle will be available for new players to purchase, and players who own Besiege can purchase the expansion separately.

On Steam, 95% of the 42,000 user reviews for Besiege are positive. It is currently on sale for R43.50 until 21 April 2024.

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