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BBM apps to keep you in the know



Use these BlackBerry Messenger connected apps to stay abreast with current events, friends and sporting events.

BBM Connected apps have been hugely popular around the world. About one of every five apps being downloaded on BlackBerry App World is a BBM Connected app.

Here’s a small sample of over 800 BBM-connected apps that you can choose from:

Facebook and Twitter

Automatically share your latest Facebook status and location or your latest Tweet with your BBM friends as your BBM status with Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones (version 3.0) and Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones (version 3.0).

BlackBerry Travel

It is now easier than ever to update those who matter most about your travel plans. The new BlackBerry Travel app (version 2.5) is now BBM-connected, allowing users to share their travel plans and flight changes directly with select BBM contacts or with their entire BBM community.

Profile Pic Toolkit

Profile Pic Toolkit puts a ton of fun at your fingertips, equipping you to send BBM profile picture recommendations and a message to your closest contacts with a couple of clicks. Profile Pic Toolkit syncs smoothly with your current BBM settings and works right within the app.

Battles on BBM

The classic game of battle between ships on the high seas is now even more fun. Invite your BBM friends to join in and sink their fleet before they sink yours. It is a game that demands skill, strategy and some luck.


PicStory creates a story with your photos and shares them on your BBM profile. You can apply photo filters or effects just like Instagram. In addition, you can view your friends’ stories and comment on their profile pictures.


Screen Muncher lets you capture anything you see on your BlackBerry screen just like a desktop “print screen”” on a PC. Now, you can munch BBM conversations and post them directly to Twitter!

Friend Finder on BBM

Friend Finder helps you to search for friends and/or people not on your BBM contact lists through a search engine specialized in the BBM app.


You can share the game with your friends using ScoreMobile. The new “”MyScore”” feature allows you to follow your favourite teams and tracked games from different leagues, all on a single page.


The News24 app provides the latest breaking news, sport, finance and lifestyle news at the touch of a button. Now you can now also share the headlines with your friends via BBM.

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