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Autonomy puts 50 Petabytes in Cloud

Autonomy, an HP company, has recently announced that its private cloud has passed 50 Petabytes of web content, extending its lead as the world’s largest private cloud.

The Autonomy private cloud now manages more than 50 petabytes of web content, video, email and multimedia data on 6,500 servers in 14 data centers around the world. Fifty petabytes is equal to 665 years of HD-TV video, or 1 billion four-drawer file cabinets filled with text.

The continued dramatic growth of Autonomy’s private cloud is the result of a unique approach to cloud computing. Powered by Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), the private cloud automatically recognises concepts and patterns in the billions of structured and unstructured data files it ingests and indexes every day. Autonomy IDOL provides a common platform for a range of cloud-based Autonomy solutions, spanning marketing and revenue optimisation, archiving, data protection, eDiscovery, and information governance.

The Autonomy private cloud uses the HP Converged Cloud to deliver a world-class experience for its customers. A powerful testament to the value of the HP Converged Cloud, Autonomy relies on HP’s market leading portfolio to rapidly deliver a seamless, scalable and hybrid IT environment for its customers.

‚Today, the world’s leading companies in consumer retail, financial services, legal, pharmaceuticals, travel and entertainment and other industries trust their data and mission-critical solutions to the Autonomy cloud,‚ said Muhammed Omar, Presales Manager , Enterprise Software, HP South Africa. ‚These organisations recognise that Autonomy’s understanding of data and market-leading solutions combined with HP’s Converged Infrastructure give them an unmatched foundation from which to launch customer engagement, legal, regulatory and compliance initiatives.‚

Autonomy provides a full range of cloud-based solutions that leverage Autonomy IDOL’s ability to understand in real time the ideas expressed in the vast array of Human Information, the massive volumes of unstructured data inside and outside an organisation.

¬∑ Archiving ‚ the Autonomy Consolidated Archive archives data on premise, in the cloud and via appliances, and provides the industry’s only intelligent governance layer from which businesses can drive their compliance, eDiscovery and records management initiatives directly from archived data. Based on Autonomy IDOL, the Autonomy Consolidated Archive forms an unmatched foundation for managing an organisation’s overall information governance strategy, and provides efficiency, proactive compliance and reduced risk.

¬∑ Data protection ‚ Autonomy Data Protection protects and manages any data, regardless of location or device, in the most efficient and flexible manner, and is capable of scaling as an organisation’s infrastructure and mobile workforce evolves.

¬∑ eDiscovery ‚ Autonomy eDiscovery provides one solution for simplified and unified eDiscovery. As one integrated solution covering rapid early case assessment, processing, review and production capabilities, Autonomy eDiscovery enables corporate legal teams and law firms to work more collaboratively and efficiently, and eliminates risky handoffs of data between systems.

¬∑ Marketing optimisation ‚ Autonomy Optimost Campaign enables marketing teams to quickly attract visitors from pay per click (PPC) campaigns and improve naturals search results. The solution continuously tunes PPC efforts using a powerful bid-management system across every major social and search engine marketing platform ‚ including Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Bing ‚ to cost-effectively attract the best traffic. Autonomy Optimost enables marketers to quickly create and launch landing pages, segment customers in real time, and continuously test combinations of content, design, layout and pricing in order to maximise return on search and advertising spend, and increase overall conversion rates.

¬∑ Multichannel customer engagement ‚ Autonomy Explore consolidates all customer interactions to identify patterns and sentiment among customers. Autonomy Explore delivers unprecedented insight across all channels, including web, mobile, social media, email, call center and storefront. Marketers leverage this understanding to develop actionable and real-time insights to create engaging customer experiences and resolve problems across each of their channels.

Powered by the HP Converged Cloud, Autonomy’s private cloud is hosted in state-of-the-art, high-security data centers. The data centers are under 24/7 surveillance, and each one undergoes annual Statement of Accounting Standard No. 70 (SAS 70) audits. Two fully synchronised, geographically separated systems provide complete data and system redundancy and parallel processing of all tasks. The design addresses all aspects of multi-tenancy, such as multiple firewalls and virus protection, and is ideally qualified to support the performance and volume requirements that are necessary for processing the rapidly expanding number of corporate formats and unified communications ‚ including all forms of text, audio and video.


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