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Augmented reality gets ready for business

Lenovo has revealed details of an augmented reality system for businesses. ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK explores the potential.

Lenovo has not yet revealed the specifications of the AR device it is developing, but Teismann lifted the lid on the technology behind it.

“You can expect that we will havean  end-to-end AR solution during the course of next year, and it will include a headset device, computing device and software platform on which use cases can run. It will be, to a certain degree, wireless, because you have to be able to take it to the use case, rather than bring the use case to the device.

“The new 5G technology that is being rolled out by telecommunications operators over the next few years will be a very important enabler, because the data volume you consume in AR is immense. You have to recompute the AR model on a real-time basis, all the time, wirelessly. With VR you only need your position relative to the device, With AR you need to recompute your position in the real world. So you need computing capability that is in the device and computing capability that comes from the background.”

A classic business use case that is being sold to airports and aircraft maintenance companies promises to save millions in the cost of human skills.

Continue reading to find out more on some of the business cases.

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