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AppDate: New healthcare app keeps you safe at home

In his last AppDate of the 2020, SEAN BACHER highlights MediVic, Quench delivering from Dis-Chem, Bolt Web App, FNB budgeting tool and Deezer Collaborative Playlist.


MediVic Hub has launched a South African-based telemedicine app, MediVic, offering remote healthcare solutions.

Healthcare is a universal right enshrined in the constitution, but access to medical professionals and specialists can be challenging for the old, disabled and those in underserved rural communities.

The MediVic app attempts to address these challenges  by providing real-time access to professional healthcare practitioners in a safe, secure and efficient environment. By streamlining the interaction between doctors and patients, the MediVic app promises to allow the entire experience to run smoothly – from booking a consultation to receiving your prescription – without compromising safety, data or treatment.

MediVic provides access to a medical professional that is better suited to budget, availability, and needs without having to spend endless hours searching online. Thanks to geo-location technology, users will be able to find medical assistance no matter where they are.

Once a consultation has been completed, one can pay for the consultation and have the prescription filled and delivered.

How it works?

Access to the MediVic app is available to anyone with a compatible iOS or Android device.  Once a user has downloaded the app, they create a profile with one of the registration options provided.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data provided in the app, a secondary form of protection, such as two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA), is required.

Once the user has submitted all the required information and created the profile, they are able to search for a registered medical professional via a range of factors, including proximity or speciality.  Users will also be able to see a practitioner’s availability and therefore be able to select an appointment for a date and time that suits their needs.

The user will receive push notifications to remind them of their upcoming appointment, which can be cancelled or rescheduled.

At the time of the scheduled appointment, the user logs in to their profile and is connected to the practitioner via audio or video.

During the consultation, the user is able to request a prescription – should one be required – which can be filled and delivered without one having to leave the house.

Payment for the consultation is also facilitated within the app.

Doctors signing up to provide services on the app are required to provide information such as speciality, experience, and qualifications – which are vetted with the respective medical bodies.

Bear in mind that MediVic Hub claims this functionality but it has not been tested from our side.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay a free download.

Stockists: Follow these links to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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