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APC Travel Power

The APC Travel Power ‚ the perfect companion for people who rely heavily on their notebooks whilst travelling. SEAN BACHER puts it through its paces with the Gadget Five Question User test.

Yes, you will probably spend most of your time unpacking the unit.

Couldn’t be any easier, plug the one end into your cigarette lighter, make sure the adapter is out of direct sunlight and plug your notebook into the other end.

Definitely, although we didn’t use a voltmeter to test what voltage it pushed out but we could run our notebook off it. Incidentally just because the adapter is advertised purely for powering your notebook, doesn’t mean you can’t use for less sophisticated devices. We connected a range of appliances to our car from our electric razor to our cellphone charger. Just remember you can’t plug in something like your television set as the unit only puts out 75watts of power.

Yes, I have never seen anything like it yet. It is also very practical and definitely won’t end up collecting dust in the back of your desk draw.

Yes, it’s cheaper than a second battery and can do so much more. If you travel a lot it will become more than just a power supply, more like a travel companion.

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