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Antix goes gaming with Motorola Z phones

Antix announced at the Mobile World Congress last week that it would provide Antix Game Player software for two Motorola devices – the MOTO Z8 and MOTO Z10. The extremely compact player will initially be available to consumers as a simple download, but later this year will be embedded inside the device.
Antix CEO Francis Charig chose the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week to announce the company’s latest mobile gaming breakthrough: they will provide the Antix Game Player software for two Motorola devices – the MOTO Z8 and MOTO Z10.

The Antix Game Player splash screen

The Antix Game Player is an extremely compact player, and can be downloaded onto a phone or embedded. Initially it will be available to consumers as a simple download;  later this year it will be embedded inside the device.
The Antix Game Player has been designed specifically to make content written in C and C++ portable across different platforms. The vast majority of games on all modern games consoles are written in C and C++ but the lack of portability of the code has ensured that they have not been successful in the fragmented mobile market.
The Antix Game Player uses innovative techniques to resolve the fragmentation problem and ensures that portability does not compromise performance. As a result, a game written to run on the Antix Game Player will run as efficiently on an Antix-enabled device as if it had been specifically targeted to run only on that device.
This in turn allows publishers and developers to target a range of handsets without having to be concerned about excessive porting, certification and signing costs.

Antix CEO  Francis Charig

Says Charig, “We have been determined to meet consumers’ expectations in mobile while simultaneously creating the development and financial environments required to attract the industry’s leading publishers and developers. These have been neglected concerns for far too long and we believe Antix will be a catalyst to help the mobile game industry flourish.””
Developer kits will be available from Antix to registered Antix developers. A certification and signing system is offered by Antix  and only content that has been certified and signed will work on the service. Developers can register at .

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