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Another smartphone tracking app



Motillion has announced Pinpoint, a location-tracking app for Android devices.

Making use of Google Maps with Street View, Pinpoint was developed to make it easy to track the people you care about directly from your smartphone. For business, Pinpoint can also be used to track important assets or staff no matter where you are.

‚We wanted to develop an app that makes tracking the people you care about easy, accurate and affordable,‚ said Shaun Adler, co-founder of Motillion. ‚Pinpoint is a permission based tracking application with numerous features built-in to ensure that the person being tracked has full control over their location data. Security and privacy is paramount to us and we have put strict protocols in place to ensure that data and tracking information is only available between devices that have opted-in to be tracked.‚

Pinpoint comprises two components: Streamer is the location transmitter and Tracker allows you to view location streams. ‚Although Pinpoint was developed to keep track of loved ones, it is perfect for business use,‚ said Adler. ‚You have the ability to see historical data and you can track sales people or other assets in real-time. Pinpoint gives you the edge to effectively manage and direct your supply of resources.‚

More about Streamer Pinpoint Streamer gives you the option to choose who sees your location stream and when they’ll have access to it. You can also set the transmission intervals (between 15 seconds to 12 hours) based on the state of your phone’s battery. Streamer allows you to switch the location stream on or off manually, or you can set it to do so automatically, based on your current location.

More about Tracker Pinpoint Tracker features an intuitive user interface with a detailed status bar making it easy to see important data about the device being tracked. The status bar shows the type of device, the person’s name, the tracker’s status, the reliability of the position, the date and time of the last detected position. The Status Bar also shows whether the device’s position has changed since the last location fix, the battery state and the estimated speed of the device being tracked. You can also check the historical location data to see where it has been. With the correct access permissions, Tracker may even remotely activate another device’s location stream. This is particularly useful to track a lost or stolen phone.

To ensure the most accurate mapping data is used, Pinpoint makes use of Google Maps with Street View to display location data. This also provides Pinpoint with a few added benefits, such as the ability for you to use Google Maps Street View and to use Google Maps to navigate directly to the person or smartphone being tracked.

Pinpoint also features a Tracker home screen widget for your smartphone so that you can track your location streams without launching the application first. Similarly, the Streamer widget gives you quick access to your location stream settings, allowing you to quickly toggle its operation modes. Pricing

· You can create as many location streams as you want for free.

· Upon registration, users get a free trial license to track up to 5 streams for 30 days.

· To track a location stream will cost $2.99 for a 3 month license, or $9.99 for a 1 year licence.