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Android Market becomes Google Play

Android developers were advised this week that the newly launched Google Play would replace and extend Android Market.

Developers this week received a letter advising them of the launch of Google Play, an “integrated destination for apps, books, movies, and music””, with developers of Android apps “”a key part of this new destination””.

The letter stresses that there’s no change to published products, development workflow, or distribution options.

“”With the launch, Google Play replaces and extends Android Market ‚Äî users everywhere can now find all of their favorite apps and games in Google Play, with other digital content, all in one place,”” ran the letter.

For both users and developers, it added, the transition to Google Play is seamless.

“”Users can sign into their existing accounts with the same credentials as before. They can find their favorite apps and games in our featured lists or browse the familiar top lists and categories. When users are ready to buy, they can do so instantly, using the same payment methods as before.””

Developers’ accounts, published and draft apps, product information, prices, distribution controls, in-app products, and ratings will all remain the same.

“”What’s changing is that we are investing in Google Play as a premium, integrated content destination, to bring more customers to the store and drive more downloads and purchases.””

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