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All networks online via Nashua Mobile

Nashua Mobile has become the first South African telecommunications provider to allow customers to apply completely online for new cellular voice and data contracts on MTN, Vodacom and Cell C. Customers can simply apply through the Nashua Mobile website without the need to speak to a telesales representative or visit a retail store at any time – a unique offering in South Africa’s telecom industry.

Simply fill out the relevant forms online, and your device will be delivered straight to your door, making this the most convenient way to get a new contract. This move falls in line with Nashua Mobile’s ongoing drive to make the cellular experience as simple as possible for its customers.

The online application process is live on as a beta version at this stage. Early customers will be invited to provide feedback about their experience with the service that will be used to improve the offering.

The company is the first cellular service provider to allow subscribers to complete the entire process of signing up for a new voice or data contract online on all three networks. Most cellular service providers allow customers to initiate an application for a contract online, but insist that they complete the process in-store or over the telephone and fax.

Customers can browse deals and specials on the online Nashua Mobile store or customise their own contracts from a range of choices across all three cellular operators. They can create their own deals by bundling together phones or modems, tariffs, value-added services (SMS bundles, itemised billing, data bundles, device insurance) and accessories.

The process includes an online credit check. Customers that are currently with other service providers can also apply to port to Nashua Mobile through the online service. Once a subscriber’s contract is approved, Nashua Mobile will deliver the order to his or her door and collect all documents required for RICA.

Says Doug Mattheus, marketing director at Nashua Mobile: “Nashua Mobile was one of the first cellular service providers to offer our customers online services such as a self-service portal and electronic billing. Online self-service is a perfect way to empower our customers and to make the telecommunications experience simpler and more convenient for them.””

“”By taking paper out of business processes such as applying for contracts, Nashua Mobile is also reducing its carbon footprint,”” adds Mattheus.

The company has been on a drive for the past two years to migrate its subscribers away from paper-based bills to electronic bills, in line with its commitment to using natural resources in a sustainable way.

The online application process currently caters for new cellular and data contracts and the customer can complete one deal at a time. Getting a new ADSL connection or being able to upgrade their existing contracts are currently in development and will be launched in the near future.

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