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Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair

Acer Africa has unveiled its new gaming chair, The Predator Thronos, which has been engineered to work with three 27” Predator displays to deliver an immersive multi-screen experience.

“Our Predator Thronos is a dream come true for every gamer;” says Belinda Marais, marketing manager at Acer. “The games’ sounds are transferred to the back of the player to immerse them deeper in play and haptic feedback is provided to the user through sound vibrations rumbling throughout the chair which allows gamers to really ‘feel’ the game.”



The Thronos sports a steel structure, coming in at 1.5 meters tall, in dual-tone black with white or blue accents. The chair immerses the gamer through deep impact vibration, synced with in-game activity. It is adjustable and includes an ergonomic seat design, foot rest, and a cabin that reclines up to 140 degrees.

Acer Predator Thronos Specifications

  • Cabin dimensions: 153.8 x 100 x 158
  • Colors: Dual Tone Black with Blue or White Accent
  • Weight: Cabin bottom weight 40kg
  • Cabin and seat weight 140kg
  • Total cabin and chair weight: 180kg
  • Voltage: 220 v-240v or 110v
  • Wattage: 180w 

Pricing and Availability

The Thronos is available through special order from and pricing is dependent on product specification and requirements.

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