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dancing game

The new vampire movie about an innocent-looking, bloodthirsty ballerina – who likes playing with her food – is in cinemas now, writes ANGELIQUE MOGOTLANE.

In the new American vampire horror film Abigail, a group of kidnappers abducts a 12-year-old ballerina and takes her to an isolated house, aiming to secure a $50-million ransom from her father. The captors blindfold and handcuff the young girl, leaving her on the bed to discuss how to reach her family and get the money. Whenever they check on her, she appears devastated, crying like any normal child. She pleads with Joey to protect her from any harm. Joey engages in deep conversation with the girl, mentioning her son, and Abigail revealing hints about her father.

And then they discover that she’s the daughter of Kristof Lazar, the most feared dracula and underworld boss. 

As the night progresses, the captors debate whether to release the girl, abandon her or kill her. When they opt to abandon her, they find themselves trapped inside the house with no escape. As they explore the creepy house, each one of them is attacked. 

The captors realise that they’ve kidnapped a vampire girl. She reveals secrets about each one of them, creating tension that leads to the captors realising that they are in a deadly game orchestrated by Abigail. She would dance with dead bodies, suck blood out of some, and torture each one of them.

Those aren’t spoilers, as the basic premise was geleefully revealed in the trailer.

The bloodcurdling and unpredictable scenes had me on edge, never knowing who would be attacked next or if there’s anybody who would make it out of that creepy house alive. The suspense is intense as the vampire relentlessly targets each kidnapper, one by one. Abigail’s chilling comment, “I like playing with my food,” reveals her vicious nature, as she torments her victims. 

Does anyone get out alive?  Head to a cinema to find out – if you dare.

Abigail stars Alisha Weir as Abigail, Melissa Barrera as Joey, Dan Stevens as Frank, Kathryn Newton as Sammy, William Catlett as Rickless, Kevin Durand as Peter, and Angus Cloud as Dean. It is produced by William Sherak, Paul Neinstein, and James Vanderbilt for Project X Entertainment, with Ron Lynch and Macdara Kelleher as executive producers. 

Abigail opens in South African cinemas today (19 April 2024).

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