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A telephony solution specifically for the South African SME

Far South Networks, a South African telecommunications development company, recently launched Com.X1, a complete telephony solution in a box for the SME and the first to be developed and manufactured in South Africa.

Far South Networks’ Com.X1 has been built to perform well in South Africa’s unique environment, incorporating features such as hardware echo cancellation to counter echo on the telco lines and lightening protection to protect the device from power surges from lightening storms. The solid hardware build, packaged with the IP-based software that includes advanced features such as auto attendant, call recording and voicemail-to-email that come standard on the PBX without the need for expensive licensed upgrades.

The Com.X1 is configured and managed through a simple web interface allowing the PBX to be set up within minutes. Due to the IP nature of the Com.X1, setting up Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) trunks on the PBX is simple, and guarantees immediate return on investment due to the savings that VoIP enables on call costs.

The new entrants, Far South Networks, are not new to the world of telephony, with directors Grant Broomhall and Michael Walton collectively boasting over 40 years of technical experience in the industry. While the Far South Networks’ Com.X1 is a product well suited to South Africa, the combination of solid hardware and innovative software design make it a leading prospect internationally. ‚The Com.X1 is one of the most feature-rich and cost effective telephony solutions for the SME in South Africa,‚ says Broomhall, Managing Director of Far South Networks.

Even Flow Distribution, one of South Africa’s prominent VoIP hardware distributors, was announced as the official distributor of Far South Networks’ products. Managing Director, Adrian Bush, says, ‚Com.X1 is the perfect solution for SME businesses wanting a feature-rich solution that can be easily managed without having to fork out an excessive amount of cash, and is perfectly capable of competing on the world stage with other new telephony solution entrants.‚

Transformation in the telecommunications industry has lead to numerous traditional legacy PBX vendors battling to keep up with the changing technology and shrinking margins. The new IP-based PBX brands offer feature-rich solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional legacy solutions. Far South Networks is bound to be a top contender in the rapidly evolving IP PBX market.

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