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A script to help edit them all



Wulfsoft has released DataVoila, a Windows productivity tool that lets software developers, webmasters, and computer consultants create quick solutions to data processing problems.

DataVoila’s scripting capabilities edit all kinds of text files, or hiring – a master programmer. DataVoila lets you create solutions to the most common text problems quickly and easily, without designing and coding a new application each time a simple problem arises.

With DataVoila you get results immediately. Paste your data into DataVoila’s input box, create a program, and click the “run”” button. You don’t have to write programs from scratch. Simply select a professionally-designed, professionally-coded project from DataVoila’s extensive program library, and fine-tune the C# code. DataVoila’s scripting is based on C# and Microsoft’s .NET framework, leveraging one of the most advanced technology stacks available.

The visual editors contained in DataVoila are fully scriptable and have all the things you would expect to find in an application designed for power users. DataVoila’s text editor includes features like Unicode support, unlimited undo/redo capabilities, and a comprehensive search and replace engine. The program’s CSV editor lets you handle comma- and tab-delimited files in a familiar Excel-style interface that makes it simple to add columns and rows, and to cut and paste data.

DataVoila’s built-in scripting engine is based on C#, and gives you access to the .NET Framework 3.5 class library. The programming interface couldn’t be easier to use. The integrated debugger has breakpoint support, and lets you easily stop, pause, and step through code.

Whether you’re a programmer who needs to quickly sort a CSV file, a computer consultant who needs to convert data to a different date/time format, a student who needs to validate a file of email addresses, or a web developer who wants to load and work with XML files, DataVoila has the tools that you need.