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MacWorld: 3D animations go mobile



Ortery Technologies has developed a new way of creating and delivering interactive 360-degree 3D products and animations. This cross platform, plug in free animation viewing technology was announced at MacWorld.

The use of cellphones and mobile devices for business-related applications has fueled the need to visually communicate product value through mobile networks. To this end, Ortery Technologies introduced a new way of creating and delivering interactive 360-degree and 3D product animations to computers and mobile devices. The new method is cross platform, does not require a plug-in and will become a standard output option in their related 360-degree and multi-dimensional product photography solutions selling under the Photosimile, PhotoCapture and TruView brand names.

‚We have been able to create and deliver 360-degree and multi-dimensional product animations in Flash for years‚ , said Sam Shearer, Managing Director Ortery Techologies, Inc. ‚Our clients overwhelmingly voiced their need to deliver the same interactive, capabilities on mobile devices and we responded.‚

By offering this new output option, animations featuring high resolution photo quality, click-and-drag mouse control, gesture controls, inertia and deep zooming capabilities can be delivered to and viewed using any computer or mobile device browser, including iPhones and iPads.

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