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70% of Britons value photos above anything else

one easy to use index, and makes sure you’ve backed them up. It is the first system to do all this on one platform.

The need for a solution has been underpinned by the research results, which also found that 85 per cent of people who owned several gadgets acknowledged that they did not know how to use them to their full potential. This might be why digital disorganisation prevails, since only 24 per cent of respondents find it easy to locate their friends’ photos, only 21 per cent find it straightforward to find their downloaded songs, and 17 per cent said they didn’t find it easy to locate anything at all!

DAD can be easily downloaded and set up to organise all aspects of our digital life, notably preventing missed opportunities to enjoy photos and allowing whole photo albums to be created and viewed. DAD then enables you to share privately and securely some or all of these pictures across a network of family and friends you choose for yourself, setting it apart from other ‚sharing’ platforms. DAD also organises music, videos, contacts, and documents, which can be seen in an index and shared privately.

Julian Ranger founder of DAD comments: “From busy parents through to silver surfers and students, we are all suffering from digital disorganisation and the problem is only set to continue, as the range of social networking and online content sources grows.””

Julian Ranger continues: “”DAD is the ultimate fix-it for digital overload. It promises to be as revolutionary to our digital lives as the Dewey Decimal System was to libraries. Today’s launch sees us tackling what is becoming the number one digital dilemma of the 21stcentury – DAD could be nothing short of life-changing for many people.””

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