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15 hacks for better smartphone battery life

Smartphones have become indispensable and although the newest generation of smartphones come with larger batteries, saving your phone from discharging quickly has become imperative.

This is even more important now because of the various applications and the amount of data that we use every day.  

To make sure that our smartphone’s battery does not die out before the day is done, it is good to know a few battery hacks that will help you extract even more from your phone’s battery especially when you need it the most. While fast charging is a wonderful technological invention, it is not always possible to carry a charger around especially when you are travelling.  

Phones are complex devices, with many hardware sensors and processes running quietly in the background to keep things running. With such background processes; it is easy for you to lose battery even if you are not making use of your smartphone. A simple hack would be to start by killing apps that you are not using and even uninstalling them altogether. Then to further decrease battery drain you can switch off the auto-brightness brightness feature or put your phone on flight mode in a bad network coverage area. Tips such as these will prevent your phone from drawing a lot of juice from your batteries and help your phone last longer. 

Furthermore, using dark wallpapers and backgrounds on your AMOLED screen phones like Galaxy series also helps you retain your phone’s battery. Ultimately how much of battery you can save depends on your usage and how much important the apps running in the background are to you. 

To get more such hacks read the whole infographic by the team at HomeTop. Try the easy hacks for your phone’s battery to reduce your phones quick discharge problem. 

Check out the infographic below to find out how to save battery power.

  • Article courtesy of Hometop. Visit their site here.
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