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1.5TB of online storage

Snapdisk is offering users 1.5TB of cloud storage space for under R100, which includes lifetime backups and archiving.

Snapdisk’s latest offering lets you backup an unlimited number of computers using up to 1TB of secure backup storage, plus you also can synchronise your files between your various devices using an additional 500GB of dedicated sync storage space. That’s a whopping 1.5TB of cloud storage space allowing you to protect all of your files, sync them between your computers, share them with friends and family, or access them from anywhere via

Whether you want to run a digitally-efficient business or simply keep your personal backup files secure, Snapdisk’s 1.5TB of cloud storage will ensure that you have enough space to keep all of your precious data safe. Moreover, the Snapdisk software gives you full control over your backups and you can even configure its bandwidth usage.

Key Features With Snapdisk you can backup, sync and share your digital files. Enjoy unlimited access to your work files, music, photos and videos via any internet enabled device. Add, edit or delete files directly from the web and Snapdisk will automatically sync your files to the cloud. 100% safe. 100% secure. Always accessible.

· 1TB Backup storage space

· 500GB of Sync storage space

· Total combined storage of 1.5TB

· All-in-one simple package

· Only one piece of software to install

· FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to Sync Storage

· Completely safe and secure

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