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Zapper, Stitch, offer instant EFT

Customers who don’t have credit cards can now make QR payments in one click by linking their bank account in the Zapper app

Zapper users can now make secure Instant EFT payments at the point of sale, in one click,  by linking their bank account in the Zapper app, in the same way, that credit cards have been linked until now. 

Zapper, an independent South African mobile payments, insights, loyalty, and rewards platform has teamed up with payments and data API Stitch, via its LinkPay product, to bring the payments innovation to its user base of more than a million people.

“Our work with Stitch continues our commitment to ensure Zapper merchants can offer as many payment options as possible,” says Brett White, CEO of Zapper. “By providing a simple, secure instant EFT option, customers can now still use their favourite scan-to-pay method without relying on a bank-issued card.

“In a tighter economy, instant EFT also helps consumers keep a very tight rein on their balances and will be welcomed by the budget-conscious. We also see this as another way we can help eliminate any barriers to payment for our merchants, who also need every advantage in this economy.”

Stitch launched LinkPay in April 2022 as the first product in Africa to offer secure, one-click instant EFT payments from a linked financial account, providing an experience as convenient as that of the card, at a fraction of the cost. 

Previously, to pay via instant EFT, Zapper customers needed to log into their bank accounts to initiate payment each time before checking out at a Zapper merchant. Now they can make a payment instantly by scanning the Zapper QR code at the point-of-sale checkout and choosing to pay from their linked account. 

To link an account in the Zapper app, customers select “Link an account” and the option to set this as their preferred payment method. They select their bank and log into their account using their online banking details. After authorising with multi-factor authentication (such as an in-app approval or OTP), their account will be linked, and they can make any future payments in just one click, without logging in again – just like they would with a linked card.

Stitch CEO Kiaan Pillay says: “With Stitch LinkPay, Zapper can provide a significantly better experience for customers paying via Instant EFT. Previously, to pay with instant EFT, they needed to log into their bank accounts every time they made a payment. Now, they can go immediately to the front of a coffee shop, scan a QR code and make a payment from their linked account in one click – meaning they can get on their way much faster. For merchants, when more customers choose to pay via Instant EFT, they’ll save on expensive card fees and fraud-related charges.”

Apart from Zapper’s traditional scan-to-pay QR options for card payments (either in a physical space or via e-commerce offerings), Zapper merchants can now accept a growing list of alternative payment options. These include vouchers, mobile wallets, and third-party options integrated onto the Zapper network including Instant EFT; Buy Now Pay Later options; and even crypto wallets – all through a single account.

Stitch launched in February 2021 and is live with its payments and financial data API in South Africa and Nigeria. The firm recently raised $21-million in Series A funding, and in April announced the launch of LinkPay, the first payments solution in Africa that tokenises user financial accounts to enable one-click, verified payments and seamless payouts for returning customers.

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