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Zando brings try-on to South African online shopping

African online fashion retailer Zando has announced that it is offering a free private courier that waits while customers try on their purchases bought from the website.

When a customer buys online clothing at free delivery is offered throughout South Africa. The delivery personnel from Zando will wait for the customer to try the item on to ensure that it fits before leaving, and if it does not fit the driver will take it back and there will be no charge.

Delivery is normally 3-5 business days within the major cities. If the time it takes to deliver an item is longer than advertised by Zando the buyer will get a refund in the form of a credit.

“At Zando we want our customers to experience the convenience of online shopping, combined with great style tips from our fashion editors. If our customer was in a physical store to purchase a pair of shoes they would try them on. We offer the same thing in the convenience of your home,‚ says co-founder and managing director Eugen Petersen.

When browsing the online fashion store the customer can easily sort items by price, colour, and size for over 200 brands. If the customer needs help in any way, he or she can always chat directly to the online customer support at Zando for assistance.

After picking out the item and size, the customer can check out paying with credit or debit card, EFT or even cash on delivery as payment option in the three major cities. All payments are processed safely and securely through an internet SSL encryption, to avoid fraud. After checking out, the customer can share the purchase experience with friends on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

A hot tip is to have Zando deliver to the address where you will be available between 9am and 5pm for the delivery.

‚Many South African’s still believe that a great sense of fashion is just for people in the major cities and those with credit cards. Zando wants to change this perception by being available throughout the country and offering customers a range of payment options,‚ says Eugen Petersen.

Shopping at Zando is far more convenient than buying fashion items from overseas websites because of faster delivery and no import taxes. At Zando, taxes are already declared so there are no hidden fees.

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