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Your computer mouse, a pest or a pet?



Sticky mouse balls and twisted cables are the two biggest problems associated with computer mice. Logitech, one of the leading computer peripheral companies has overcome both those problems with the new Logitech Cordless Trackman Optical.

No, once you have plugged the receiver in, you need to insert the two included AA batteries into the mouse, you then need to install the included software and lastly synchronise the mouse with the receiver.

It takes a bit of getting used to, unlike a conventional mouse that gets moved around, the Cordless Optical uses a track-ball. This track-ball controls your cursor movement and the actual unit does not move anywhere. We found the Cordless Optical was comfortable to hold and all the buttons were in easy reach of our fingers. The track ball was also very easy to control and we found it exceptionally accurate, far more accurate than any other mouse we had used. Further, the drag lock button was an absolute blessing and the Cruise Control wheel also worked very well. Installing the software is also very easy, just insert the CD and follow the instructions. If you feel you need to re-assign some of the functions of the buttons, just launch the installed Logitech software, and change the buttons to your heart’s content. Using the software was as easy as taking candy from a baby, there is a picture of the Trackman with all the buttons. Just click on the button and select a different function from the drop-down box that pops up.

On the box the mouse is advertised as being cordless, seeing as there are no cords going into the mouse we have to agree with them on that one. It also says its optical and seeing as there are no rollers or cogs, just a light, we once again have to agree with Logitech. They also advertise that it works on both PC and Macintosh, the USB interface ensures that it will connect to both and the CD contains the software and drivers for both, so yes it will work on both ‚ exactly as advertised.

At R800 it is quite a bit more than your standard mouse. But considering the precision, lack of fuss and convenience, we think it is fairly well priced and a definite for users that require that extra preciseness.

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