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You can bet on the iPhone

Betfair has recently announced the availability of its betting exchange application on the App Store. According to the company, the application will allow iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to place bets in much the same way they would on the Betfair website.

Betfair, home to the world’s largest betting community, recently announced the availability of its betting exchange iPhone App within the App Store. This makes Betfair the first established betting company to release a sports betting App on the platform. Initially available in the UK and Ireland to Betfair customers, the App brings the Betfair betting experience to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users, in an engaging and exciting way ‚ making full use of the handset’s functionality.

‚Betfair’s iPhone App takes advantage of the handsets’ multi-touch interface and high-resolution screen, offering our iPhone customers the same core exchange functionality as the main Betfair site. Thanks to Apple’s incredible innovation the iPhone raises the bar in terms of mobile gaming, which allows Betfair to deliver an industry first and demonstrates our ability to adapt to new technologies. At Betfair, we’re passionate about mobile and continually innovate and improve our product range,‚ said Charles Palmer, Head of Mobile at Betfair.

Applications provide greater speed and performance than browser-based products. In building the App, the focus was on the user experience, making the App not only intuitive but easy to use. The App enables customers to study the market and put their bets on as simply as possible.

Betfair continues to put responsible gaming at the heart of all its products and the new App represents an industry first: using GPS to locate and verify a customer’s location before they are permitted to bet.

Palmer added: ‚Our registered mobile users increased 40% in 2009 and continued investment in the mobile channel has contributed to a 50% increase in year-on-year mobile revenues.‚

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