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In the world of computers, Microsoft’s Windows has long been the undisputed champion of operating systems. STEVEN CHIABERTA took one of the contenders, the Xandros Desktop 1.0 for a training run and believes that, with good promotion and marketing from the Xandros team, we could have quite a fight on our hands.

I must say that this product takes a fair amount of time to install. If you’re already happy with your computer’s settings and you want to install Xandros from there, it will take you about 20 minutes ‚ which is not too bad. If, however, you want or need to alter your settings, which is quite conceivable, it can literally take several hours or more to install. Also booting is very slow, and this will frustrate some users.

I found the Xandros Desktop 1.0 to be extremely user friendly. It is at least as simple to operate, if not more so, than Windows.

As competition to Windows, it certainly does deliver. This is no pretender to the crown: it is the real deal.

It was probably very difficult for this product to be original. Microsoft has been in the forefront of this arena for so long that it has been able to come up with all sorts of innovations down the years. Thus, the Desktop 1.0 had no choice but to imitate most of Windows’ features. Still, it at least tries to be original and certain features, such as its ability to simulate the system behaviour of several different operating systems (Unix and Apple Mac among them), are very impressive.

Unfortunately we were unable to track down the price of this product at the time of publishing.

This product is not, as yet, freely available. To enquire about its availability, phone Incredible Connection on (011) 788-4715 Visit for more information about this and other Xandros products.

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