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Can you honestly say you`ve never snuck a look at your horoscope? Just once? Let`s face it – most of us are probably guilty of looking to the stars for astrological guidance. And none more so than Aneshree Naidoo, who gives us the lowdown on some good astrology sites.
The choice is simple for me: if there`s a toss-up between my psychologist and my personal horoscope, the horoscope wins hands down. (The bonus is that it`s practically free advice, and exactly what I want to hear!)
Just in case you were thinking I`m a bit of a slacker, and that I spent all day on a bunch of real goof-off sites, charting the path of Saturn across my Moon in Mars, I`ll set your mind at ease. Yes, I was goofing off – but it was all in the name of work.
Now, on to the best astrology sites this side of the solar system.
First off:
At, beside your daily horoscope, there`s your love horoscope, your “sexscope””, a daily dream analysis, as well as a slightly different spin on “”ask the eight-ball””. Save this site for those quiet weeks, though. It`s addictive. Very. Dangerously so.
But if you got hooked at “”swoon””, you`re going to drown here:
This is a pretty intensive site, with the added bonus of generating birth reports, love reports, and the like. You jut fill in your details, complete with birth date and time, and voila! Instant personality analysis. (Please note we are not responsible for any insanity or past mental illness showing up in your chart.)
Basic quick fix sites for horoscope addicts include,, and The idea is that you get your fix in the early a.m., and plan your day around what the stars foretell.
Don`t sit there shaking your head at the ludicrousness of it all. I know that, given half a chance, you will find some link, no matter how tenuous, to the real world in these bits of fluff.
But if you`re a die-hard cynic, a visit to Rob Brezny`s targ will convince you that forces, either divine or mischievous, are at play in your sometimes-mundane life.
Go on. I know you want to find out whether you`re going to meet the date of your dreams tomorrow. And you know you want to, too.”

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