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World’s first solar 10″ netbook



Samsung Electronics has launched the Samsung NC215S, the world’s first solar powered 10‚ Netbook PC. This device delivers power, portability and performance while also being both environmentally and economically friendly.

Just two hours of sunlight can provide up to an hour of power while still being able to see exactly what you’re doing – thanks to Samsung’s SuperBright anti-reflective display. Combined with an overall battery life of up to 14.5 hours and a powerful Intel Atom processor, the Samsung NC215S offers you almost limitless mobility.

‚Samsung is committed to ecologically-sound product innovation: we are very proud to be bringing the world’s first solar powered 10‚ Netbook to the market,‚ said Philip Henning, Notebook PC Product Owner at Samsung Electronics South Africa. ‚The NC215S demonstrates Samsung’s continued innovation, delivering superior performance, mobility and satisfaction to our customers.‚

Let the sun shine on your PC

Maximising productivity while minimising its carbon footprint, the NC215S features an integrated solar panel on the front of the Netbook, allowing it to automatically charge when in sunlight. The result is environmental and financial efficiency ‚ two hours of solar charging provides up to one hour’s usage with zero cost or carbon emissions. Designed for care-free portability, the NC215S PowerPlus battery lasts for up to 14.5 hours on a single full charge, meaning that you can get more done on the move.

Samsung’s PowerPlus battery uses intelligent charging technology, making the battery’s lifespan three times longer than that of conventional batteries ‚ being capable of performing 1,000 charging cycles over a three year period. The intelligent charging technology also allows for quicker charging, creating further economical savings and cutting carbon emissions.

Awarded TCO certification based on its environmentally friendly and ergonomic design, the NC215S provides the optimum ease of use and performance. While still fulfilling strict environmental requirements, the Netbook is designed with recycling in mind and boasts a remarkably low level of energy consumption. Other requirements ensure very good picture quality, low noise levels and low electrical and magnetic fields. The certification system also requires manufacturers to demonstrate active commitment in improving work conditions in the manufacturing process.

Fast on the go

Samsung’s Fast Start technology enables an ‚Instant on’ ‚ so you can get started within a few seconds of opening the display or pressing the power button. The innovative hybrid sleep mode also combines the fast start-up of sleep with the stability of hibernation, so you don’t have to wait 30-60 seconds for the Netbook to boot-up.

And despite the device’s solar powered battery, diminutive form factor and environmentally friendly features, there is no sacrifice in performance. The NC215S features a powerful dual core Intel Atom processor combined with an Intel GMA 3510 graphics processor, delivering a swift, responsive experience and unrivalled mobile computing performance. The Intel Atom processor is highly energy-efficient, making better use of the battery life and extending its usage time when on the move. The processor also enables new levels of support for the ideal entertainment experience, demanding applications as well as the Adobe Flash video technology that’s frequently used on multimedia websites such as YouTube.

The Netbook is further equipped with a unique Sleep-and-Charge USB port allowing for portable devices, such as smartphones or MP3 players, to be charged even when the PC is sleeping, turned off or if the battery has run out ‚ all through the use of solar power.

Easy to Use

Samsung’s SuperBright anti-reflective display means that the NC215S Netbook screen is bright and clear whatever the conditions ‚ even in sunlight. The device’s 300nit brightness, which is up to 50% brighter than competing Netbooks, ensures that images are vivid and text is clear, sharp and easily readable, while the anti-reflective technology means you can work longer, without the risk of eye strain.

Even though it is economically and ecologically friendly, the NC215S still manages to be elegant and lightweight without compromising on screen size. The slim display bezel around the 10.1‚ display means that the viewing experience is maximised, while still retaining a highly portable form factor. The comfortable island keyboard features isolated keys, which are spaced ergonomically to provide optimum comfort while typing. Testing of the keyboard has also proved that the optimised spacing of the keys ensures fewer errors, while being more hygienic as dirt cannot be trapped between keys.

Built to serve the most demanding mobile user, the NC215S weighs just 1.32kg, making it comfortably portable. For frequent travelers and those constantly computing on the move, the Netbook’s robust Samsung Duracase, with scratch-resistant protection, adds an extra level of durability, keeping the outer-shell pristine and protecting against everyday wear and tear.

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung NC215S Netbook will be available locally from September 2011 at a recommended retail price of R3 499. For more product information and multimedia content, please see or


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