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Driving whilst talking on your cellphone can be a costly and dangerous exercise. SEAN BACHER reviews the new Logitech Mobile Cordless Headset which works with any Nokia HDC-9P compatible cellphone.

You will have to charge both the receiver and the headset before you can begin chatting. To charge them simply slot them into the supplied charger and plug it in, it takes about two hours to fully charge both pieces of equipment. A great bonus about the Logitech Mobile Cordless Headset is that unlike Bluetooth headsets, you don’t have to go through the whole rigmarole of paring devices in order for them to work together, just plug in the receiver and turn on the headset.

Using the Logitech headset is dead easy. Connect the receiver, switch on the headset and begin talking. The headset has a total of two buttons, the power switch and the volume control. Its ergonomic design makes it fit snugly and comfortably onto either your left or right ear and the cushioned speaker means you won’t get too much earache after listening to hours and hours of your mother-in-law’s complaining. The charger (included) is also something to be admired. It looks similar to a sunglass case and both the receiver and headset fit inside for charging. There are two indicator lights telling you the battery status of each device ‚ red for flat and green for ready to go.

It definitely is quick and easy to use. You needn’t touch your cellphone when using the headset. You can answer calls by just pushing the answer button on the headset and calls can be made by using voice commands, provided of course your cellphone supports them. The reception is remarkably clear when your phone is in your pocket or briefcase and although we didn’t measure exactly how far away we were when we started getting interference, we were pretty sure it was close to ten feet.

Cordless technology has been around for ages. I am sure most of you have seen a remote control car at one or other stage in your life and using wireless technology for communicating is nothing new either – we’ve all used a cordless phone. However using radio frequencies in combination with cellphones is quite a novel idea.

You may argue that R1 499-00 is a pretty hefty price tag for a walk-and-talk, however it’s still cheaper than Bluetooth and is really an effective device guaranteeing to make your life a little easier.

The Logitech Mobile Cordless Headset is available from Incredible Connection stores countrywide. Contact the Woodmead branch on (011) 806-8400.

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