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Windows 8 in business

Although Windows 8 may look very different from its predecessors, DAVID CAYGILL of Comztek believes that the new operating system still offers the security, connectivity and flexibility to integrate with current business solutions.

The main reaction to Windows 8 has been one of surprise at how remarkably different the software looks, but looks shouldn’t deceive as the software still contains all of the features and functionality we have come to expect from the software giant.

Businesses are looking for a fairly standard set of features from their software, they want it to be secure, connected, flexible enough to integrate with their existing solutions and they want to have more versatility through improved mobility options. Every aspect of Windows 8 has been developed to meet these business needs, but extends further than that by taking the express needs of the users into account as well.

With a new intuitive and tactile interface you can run Windows 8 on your tablet, your PC or your netbook. The Pro version also integrates a core collection of business-centric features to give businesses a single product that lets them take advantage of new productivity features, improved mobility, business with enterprise-grade security and upgraded management and compatibility.

Additional features include its new Start screen, a touch, keyboard and mouse, an abundance of new applications, access to the Windows Store, immediate access to the cloud and compatibility with a range of new and exciting hardware choices. Speaking of hardware, the operating system supports thinner, lighter, faster devices, aims to extend battery life and provides advanced security. It is also easily deployed to a multitude of tablets and convertibles, notebooks, desktops and all in ones.

With Windows 8 Pro, you don’t have to sacrifice performance, security, or flexibility – you get it all in a personalised experience which allows you to choose how to work. You can also switch between a tactile onscreen experience and a keyboard and mouse experience ensuring you work with what you are comfortable with.

The operating system also boasts new features such as Live tiles, a new Start screen, Exchange ActiveSync, VPN Client, Mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, Remote Desktop and access to offline files. Additional security comes by way of Trusted Boot, BitLocker, BitLocker To Go, Internet Explorer 10, Windows Defender and SmartScreen (depending on your selected suite).

Features such as Domain join, Group Policy, as well as the ability to restore and reset your PC and the fact that you can deploy it alongside Windows 7 systems, allows the user and the business to better manage their technology needs without having to worry about compatibility issues or to rip and replace large deployments in order to migrate to the new solution. Comztek resellers can also immediately take advantage of the same benefits they have become used to through both Volume Licensing and Software Assurance, which is now also available for Windows 8.

Windows 8 is the ideal software companion to Windows 8 tablets and provides another critical link in the mobile workforce as it affords businesses with the peace of mind they were looking for to deploy a BYOD strategy in their enterprise. Windows 8 also bridges the gap between mobile devices and desktops where users can now enjoy their mobile apps from the Windows store on work devices.

Yes the step is a bold one and it is a big one but a step to Windows 8 is really a step towards the future of computing.


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