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Wholesale bandwidth at rock-bottom prices

Branded Internet, a company that specialises in providing white label Internet service provider (ISP) solutions to top South African brands, has launched a Wholesale Department that will supply commercial ISPs with wholesale bandwidth at rock-bottom prices.

The new wholesale solutions are targeted at ISPs who offer or wish to offer ADSL services to their client bases. These companies will already have infrastructure such as end-user billing, helpdesk support and user management in place, and simply want access to bulk bandwidth at affordable prices.

Says Lance Terner, CEO of Branded Internet: ‚Following our success in the white-label ISP market, it makes sense for us to use our buying power and infrastructure to provide high‚volume bandwidth to commercial ISPs as well.

‚Our customers can benefit from wholesale rates that are up to 38% lower than current market prices, depending on the volumes they purchase. Pricing is simple and transparent, with quantity discounts determined on a sliding scale, depending on usage.‚

Branded Internet’s investments in its own infrastructure, coupled with changes in the telecom competitive landscape, have enabled it to drive costs down and create one of the lowest cost wholesale services in the country, he adds.

ISPs that wish to buy bulk bandwidth from Branded Internet will be able to use the company’s API to create, modify, delete, upgrade and top-up ADSL accounts within their own realm. At the beginning of the month, the ISP simply gets a single bill for the previous calendar month’s usage.

ISPs have access to Branded Internet’s back-end systems to manage their ADSL bandwidth. They will not need to lock themselves into long-term multiple-year contracts to take advantage of Brand Internet’s low wholesale rates.

Branded Internet has high quality bandwidth, with capacity on both Seacom and SAT-3 to ensure redundancy and minimal downtime for its clients. ISPs can choose from a range of shaping options to ensure they offer solutions that make economic sense for them while providing a n outstanding customer experience.

Branded Internet has proven the quality of its services and network through its successful white label ISP partnerships with brands such as Incredible Connection, Musica, Sanlam Reality, Edgars Club and PC Format.

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