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What Thanks means on Facebook

Facebook has released its Say Thanks feature, which lets users create personalised video cards for friends and family. CAMERON EWING and NICK KWIATEK of Facebook give us a little insight into how Say Thanks works.

Millions of people use Facebook every day to connect with the people and things that matter to them most. Friends are at the core of your Facebook experience, and we are always looking for new ways to help you celebrate those friendships. Facebook has introduce Say Thanks, an experience that lets users create personalized video cards for friends on Facebook. We know that people use Facebook to stay connected to those important in their lives, both near and far, and Say Thanks is a new way to express gratitude for those loved ones. Share a Say Thanks video with a close friend, your significant other, a relative, a coworker, an old friend – or anyone else in your life who you’d like to celebrate. There is no limit to how many personalized videos you can create and share. Here’s how it works: To create a Say Thanks video simply choose a friend, and that’s it‚Äîa video is ready for you to share. You’ll also have the ability to select a different theme and edit photos and posts that represent your friendship. Facebook will generate a preview of the video, and if you are satisfied, click “Share” and the video will be posted directly to your Timeline. Your friend will be tagged in the post, so it will show up on their Timeline as well. Say Thanks is available globally on both desktop and mobile in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese and Turkish.

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